Comments from happy Parents, Teachers and Principals!!

               ​                           NUTS ABOUT SCIENCE



 "Wow, I just wanted to share with you personally the positive feedback we have heard from our parents and students around the Nuts   About Science program. The experiments seem to be so engaging and really offer our students a great way to show science in many   different ways. As the PTA President, but mostly as a parent, Thank YOU! Every class has excited my son (Sawyer) and brought about   new ideas and experiments at home." Tanya Pitkin, Winchester PTA, Northville MI

​​​​"Thank you for teaching a great class! Presley had so much fun!" Courtney Younan, Cass Elementary Parent

“My kids have enjoyed all of the classes they’ve attended! Very educational and fun!!” Amy Storm, Amerman  Elementary Parent

 “Mel said it was SOOOO much fun!! She loved the screaming balloon the best but gave the whole  experience  a solid  thumbs up!” Linda   Allen, Silver Springs Elementary Parent.

 "Students and parents are loving this!  All of the feedback has been positive.  Parents that have signed  up  to  help are   also really   excited to do an activity with their child that is educational.  We love your  program.  We  look forward to   working with you next   year!"  Sincerely, Bridget Regan, Principal (Cass  Elementary, Livonia, MI)

 "We sent out a survey to the parents about what they would like to see offered in the Fall and your  class  was #1. We   got a lot of   feedback about bringing back science and wanting more science offered in  the Fall."  Leanna Parish, Recreation Coordinator- City of Malibu

  " I just wanted to thank you again for everything.  The presentation was perfect and the kids (and adults) had a  blast!  We cannot   thank you, and your presenters enough for making this years Blue and Gold Dinner a science  success!  Jenny Hrycaj, Scout Leader Pack   729

“My daughter, Christina, learned that science doesn't always have to be BORING!!!!!  Kudos to you! :)”