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  1. Choose one of the Party Themes listed above for your  Birthday Party!!
  2. Fill out the Birthday Party Contact Form below: Include the Party Theme, the Date and Time you would like to reserve and how many children will participate.
  3. We will respond within 48 hours.​​




Birthday Party Contact Form: Email us with the DATE, TIME and PARTY THEME you are interested in.

​​​​​​​​​​Our amazing birthday-party scientists come to your house, bring all the supplies needed, and clean up after the awesome, fun experiments are done.

  • The party is approximately one hour.
  • Appropriate for children ages 6-10.
  • Each child will perform 2-3 hands-on experiments.
  • Party-goers will take home many of the experiments to enjoy long after the party is over!
​​Party Themes:

Bubble, Fizz, POP!!: What is CO2?? Find out in this fun filled science lab as we blow up a balloon without using a breath, blow the top off a film canister, and watch a cork pop out of a test tube. Then to top it off, we'll go outside and perform the Mentos-Diet Coke activity!! Take Home: Film canister, Antacid tablets, roll of Mentos in a Test Tube                  

Science Magic: The magic begins with the Egg-in-a-Bottle trick! Then our scientists spill the beans and teach partygoers the secrets to three magic tricks and the science behind them. First, we’ll play with magic sand, then create hidden messages in Goldenrod Paper and last, learn how to play a trick on unsuspecting friends with Water Gel Powder. Take Home: Magic Sand, Goldenrod paper, Water Gel Powder                                                                                                         ​                        

Gooey Science: We’ll bring our gooey lab to you as we create three gooey, fun and amazing concoctions!! We’ll make Glue Goo, Oobleck and Slime. So much fun!! The best part is - you get to take it home and play with it!! Take Home: Glue Goo, Slime and Oobleck made at the party

Colorful Science FUN!! We make custom Sharpie Pen t-shirts that children will wear forever!! Children will learn ink pen Chromatography while creating a masterpiece. Then we'll make a test tube rainbow and learn abut color mixing. Take Home: Custom T-shirt and Rainbow test tube

Glow Science! Party goers make Glow-in-the-Dark Slime, Atomic Eyeballs, and play with Glow Paper during this non-stop fun science lab! Take Home: Glow in the Dark Slime made at the party, 10 Atomic Eyeballs made at the party, UV Light Keychains & Glow Paper

Test Tube Adventures: If you love mixing potions together and testing new objects then you’ll love this party. You'll make a test tube volcano, a density test tube, and a bubbling blob/lava tube. Partygoers will learn about and the states of matter, color and chemical reactions all while having FUN!! Take Home: ​Test Tube Volcano, Lava Test Tube and Density Tube made at the party.

Playing with Polymers: At this fun filled party we will make amazingly cool Insta-Snow (birthday girl/boy chooses the color), a colorful Super Bouncy Ball and a bowl of Polymer Worms! Take Home: Insta-snow, Bouncy Ball and Polymer Worms

​​Extra Experiments - Add these extra experiments to your party!

  • Slime: $3 per child
  • Mentos-Diet Coke: $10 for one explosion, $15 for 2 explosions, $18 for 3 explosions
  • Glue Goo: $3 per child

​Science Party Favors - Add these activities to your party as party favors.

  • Ghost Eyeballs- 10 eyeballs with directions $2
  • Test Tube- with directions for many experiments $3
  • Tornado Tube- with directions $3
  • Film Canister and pack of Antacid tablets-with directions $3 ​​
  • A party of 10 children is $200 (includes all materials).
  • Each additional child is $15. Maximum number of children is 20.
  • A $50 non-refundable deposit is requested at the time of reservation. The reservation fee will be deducted from the total price of the party.
  • fill out the Birthday Party Contact Form below and you will receive an email confirmation of your requested date and a link to pay the deposit via Sign-up Genius