At NUTS ABOUT SCIENCE we offer science enrichment activities that are educational and FUN!!

 NUTS ABOUT SCIENCE began in 2006 as a 5th grade fundraiser for Silver Springs Elementary school where  Jennifer Price's daughter was attending.  Since then, we have grown to four instructors, two states and many schools  and organizations. We service Southeastern Michigan and  Southern California.


  • To bring fun and enriching science experiences to students in grades K-6.
  • We give students the opportunity to explore the world around them in a safe, fun and educational environment.
  • Through hands-on experiences we will bring the joy of science to young minds and instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime.​​​​​​
SCIENCE ACTIVITy & Presentation Standards
  • Working with NGSS, California and Michigan Science Standards and STEM, we have designed activities and presentations that meet the educational needs of your students.  Each activity is taught with an emphasis on hands-on experiences and each presentation is aligned with Grade Level Content.  
  • Our after-school classes meet at your location for approximately 1 hour either during or after school.  
  • Nuts About Science instructors are professionally trained to teach all of the classes we offer. They also have a background in teaching Elementary or Secondary Science. All of our teachers are either current or former educators.  

 Attendance/Registration Confirmation: Parents who have registered their child/children online will receive email confirmation from Sign-Up  Genius. If you have  not received email confirmation at least 3 days before the session begins, email the Science coordinator at your child's school or                 
If a parent has NOT received email confirmation of their child's registration their child will not be allowed to  attend.  

 Parent Volunteers: Please be at your child's school 15 minutes prior to the class start time. For the safety of all children do not bring older or  younger siblings

 Absences: Please notify us if your child will be absent. Materials from a missed class will be given to a student the following week.

 After Class: When a student is registered parents must designate where their child is going after class, either walk home, parent pick-up or after  school child care. 

  • Walking Home: Students are allowed to walk home on their own. If a parent would like their child to walk to their car they must check the box for walk home. 
  • Parent Pick up: Students must be picked up from the designated classroom. Northville Schools - Pick up at the front door. A NUTS ABOUT SCIENCE representative will open the door at the pick-up time. 
  • Child Care: Students will be walked to their after school child care.
  • Early Pick-up: Please notify us if early pick up is required.
  • Late Fee: There is a $10 late fee if a student is picked up more than 15 minutes after a class has ended. Payment must be made when the student   is picked up.

 Behavior Issues: In the event of unacceptable student behavior our First Step is to speak with parents after the class or send an email. We want all students to be       successful!

   Step Two: A Behavior Contract will be sent home with the student. It must be filled out and returned to Nuts About Science before registering for another class.

   Step Three: If the unacceptable behavior continues a Behavior Letter will be sent home requiring a parent to accompany the student to future science classes.

School Cancellation: In the event of school cancellation,  classes will be rescheduled OR a refund will be given if a class is not rescheduled.

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